Saturday, 10 October 2009

my new baby!!!

heres the new addition to my family,BOSSCO,isnt he sooo cute,will have to try and get another pic of him awake as he has the most beautiful eyes,he is 9weeks old and we got him last night.......the children all love him but wont give him a moments peace so im hoping that after few days the excitment will have calmed and bossco can start to relax,bless him.....
any tips on how i can get him to eat as his last owners say he is very piccy and would only eat tuna and ham....he hasnt ate since we brought him home he has drunk his cat milk and thats it....dont really want to have to start and feed him tunna etc as at least with kitten food you know they are getting all the nutrients they need

so any help will be REALLY appreciated

love n hugs


Christine said...

Hi liza he is THE cutest as for eating he will need some time to adjust to his new daughter fed hers on Felix pouches..go online & see if you can get some free bees sent..also the Vets give free bees to try..hope he settles soon..

Hugs Christine xx

Crafty Chris said...

Hi I have just got a kitten as well, it does take them a couple of days to get used to there new surroundings, I give mine a teddy to sleep with they like to be kept warm, mine wont eat meat it likes the whiskas for kittens hard bites.
good luck
Christine x

Donna said...

Oh he is so cute! My children tried to steal a cat a couple of weeks ago lol. well the cat sort of took to us and they kept letting him into the house, I knew he belonged to someone as he was so well kept and wasn't hungry, of course the kids tried to convince me that he had nowhere to go, when the cat disapeared the next day they were devastated bless. Sorry I have no tips for you, I think he will eventually start eating after all the excitment has died down. Anyway, yes of course I will be going to the kings hall, how could I miss out on that? lol. I have no plans made yet but if your heading down yourself we could arrange to meet up if you like. Donna x

Rach said...

what a sweetie, so beautiful. i expect after he has settled he will start eating.. enjoy him.xx

Yolanda said...

If a cat/kitten doesn't want to eat, it won't. If it's hungry it'll eat allmost anything! If you really want him to eat: you can give him a mixture of food with ham or tuna...each time a little less ham or tuna. In the mean time, drinking will do just fine! Just keep an eye on him and let him ajust to your family.

Enjoy this bunddle of life as he will take over your household *smile*.
Hugs, Yolanda